Lisandro Carrasco

Everything is design

Telling stories through design is just part of my job. Creativity is what gives life to all things.

Lisandro Carrasco was born in Tucumán, Argentina in 1986. After studying Interior Design at the National University of Tucumán (UNT), he began collaborating with several design studios in 2015 in Buenos Aires, focusing his attention on interior design and industrial design, In 2019 he moved to Quito, Ecuador and founded the brand Don Nadie and opened the studio at Romo & Moro in 2022 together with Mono Alvarado. Today, Studio Moro & Romo focuses on its own projects, handling both art direction and object and surface design work for private and corporate clients alike.


Synesthesia is a series of utilitarian objects that explore the way in which a virtual reflection of the reality that surrounds us. The forms come to life without permission and entertain the viewer's sensory field. They recreate the space they occupy with their progressively overflowing image and constantly invite the viewer to complete the proposal with their gaze.

*all works are part of a permanent collection SINESTESIA


The shapes come to life

reimagine light


The Nopal cactus and the Mexican desert are the starting point for rethinking contemporary lighting. Through biomimetic exploration of form and materials, we will be inspired to conceive a system of luminaires that transform living and working from home into a memorable experience, reminding us of the connection that exists between humans, nature, and beauty.